Life Goals – Work in Progress


I like to create life goals for each new year. And this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the person who I want to be not only for next year – but for the rest of my life. I’ve been thinking about the way I want to lead my life, the person I want to be, and how I want to be remembered by those who knew me.

I want to have a handle on my emotions. I want to be able to say that I can maintain emotional equilibrium in the face of difficult, awkward, uncomfortable, and sensitive situations. I want to maintain my cool when pressed for time, or stressed, or under pressure. I want to be known for this.

I want to connect with others. I realized recently that I have difficulty connecting with my daughter in the day-to-day moments. I’m much better at staying busy than actually being settled and sitting down and being present with her and others. But, I want to let my guard down more and more. I want to allow myself to be truly open and present with her.  I want to allow myself to be present in the day-to-day moments and experiences and to enjoy them– to savor them even.

I want to be a person who brings out the best in others– starting with my husband, my daughter and my family. But I want to do this with my friends, acquaintances and others, too. I have that capacity. And I want to tap into that superpower. If we all did that, the world would be such a better place.

I want to know how to navigate human connection, emotion, and conversation well. I want to study this and get better at it myself. And then I want to show others how to do this. I never want to relish in unhealthy and lower-frequency behaviors. I want to demonstrate and facilitate kindness, generosity, gratitude and love.

I want to operate on an energy level of love and gratitude whenever and wherever possible. I want to maintain my focus despite others around me who are simultaneously and very apparently not displaying the same behaviors.

I want to always hope and remain strong in my faith in myself and in others.

I want to make the world a better place. One where people love more deeply and where people connect with hope on a regular basis.

It’s a work in progress.

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