About Me

I am a Korean American woman who was adopted when I was 9 months old. My adoptive parents, Doris and Terry, were a loving Caucasian American family. With them by my side, I was able to lead a happy (semi-) normal life. Being adopted is something that I am thankful for every day. At the same time, being adopted feels like something I’m always trying to reconcile within myself.

Recently I watched a documentary entitled, “Somewhere Between” which explored the lives of a handful of girls who were internationally adopted from China. I could relate to so many things that the girls shared in the film. And each girl’s story was so unique and amazing. One of the girls even connected with her biological family. I was so incredibly inspired by the bravery that these girls had not only to share their stories, but to own their identities as transracial adoptees. I also really admired their courage to move beyond just passively owning their stories, as evidenced when a few of them actually ventured out to try to connect with their birth families. That day, a desire was birthed inside of me to fully embrace my story, to share it with others, and to move forward and aggressively pursue locating my birth family.

So, April 29, 2014, I created the Facebook page Rachels Birth Family Search, and I determined within my heart to do whatever it took to connect with my birth family. With each step, I posted status updates and pictures. Years later, I am still processing what my reunion meant to me. I am currently writing a book to share my experiences. I hope that sharing my story will inspire others as I have been inspired by hearing the courageous stories of others.

If you would like to follow my journey and receive updates on my book project, please subscribe to my blog. Thank you in advance!

Photo credit: David Patrick Valera

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